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What do we do?

"We represent acts who are, first and foremost, great at what they do. We are proud of our talent who command the stage with confidence as well as fantastic and original humour from a unique perspective. 


"Regardless of how strong an act may be once they get on that stage, there are aspects of this industry that present more of a challenge for a certain type of performer... It isn't a level playing field. Someone who has all the skills to put in a stellar performance behind the mic may struggle with some of the skills needed to get that stage time in the first place. I want to make it a little easier.


"We act as agents, representatives and a business/admin support service specifically for performers who are neurodivergent or live with an invisible illness or disability. 

"Living with a chronic, invisible health condition myself, I understand how challenging it can be to do some things that everyone else seems to breeze through easily. People like us don't quite fit. The world wasn't built for us but we have to make our way in it anyway. So I want to level the playing field... 

"So now, without any shame or embarrassment, from one weirdo with not enough spoons, on behalf of all of us... Shameless Promotion is born."

- Ellie Chopping (founder)

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