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Chris Chopping


Bedfordshire-born Chris Chopping began his stand-up career in Wales and quickly racked up a brace of new act competition wins. Since then, his dry outlook and hilarious punchlines have established him as a fixture of professional comedy nights across Wales and beyond. He’s also taken seven shows (including three solo hours) to the Edinburgh Festival where his strong material and deadpan persona have garnered him a cult following.

As seen on BBC One, regular contributor to BBC online content ‘SESH’ and as tour support to both Ignacio Lopez & Daniel Muggleton, Chris has recently released a one-hour special on UK Comedy streaming service ‘Next Up…’ and has even turned his hand to stand-up in a foreign tongue, making his welsh-language TV debut for S4C’s stand-up showcase Gwerthu Allan. As a writer Chris’ work has garnered over 5 million views to date, having written opinion pieces, music and pro-wrestling journalism and topical news response articles for WhatCulture, Golwg360 (welsh language) and Do Not Read.  

Chris can be booked for club sets of up to 45 minutes and is also an experienced MC.  

Reviews & Testimonials...

“Really quick, really f**king funny” - Fern Brady  


“Hilarious”- Paul Sinha  


“Proper Funny and Clever. An absolute treat” - Larry Dean  


“Charming and sharp with intelligent and gorgeously-crafted routines. And so wonderfully funny” - Jordan Brookes  


"A really good comic, tremendously clever in both his delivery and subject matter" - Metro


"Chris has always been consistently hilarious. But last night, he took it to a whole new level! The timing, the delivery—everything was spot-on! Book him, and you won't be disappointed!" - Stone Circle Comedy Clubs   


"Crafts clever jokes and delivers punchlines that the comedy savvy don't even see coming" -  


"Demonstrated why his burgeoning reputation grows apace" - Wales Online  


"He makes this comedy lark look easy" - South Wales Echo

"Chris Chopping opened my sold out pro night in London. He was excellent
and my audience loved him. The opening spot is the hardest on any night,
yet Chris made it look easy with his excellent jokes and his lovely
persona. I wouldn't hesitate to book him again." - Oh So Funny Comedy

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Clip links

20-Minute Opening set - Tour Support for Drew Taylor
Savoy Theatre (February 2024) 

30-Minute headline spot at Clwb Comedy
(June 2023)

Twenty-minute clip - Opening 20 - Stone Circle Comedy Club
(July 2023)

Fringe shows

Short clip from Backyard Comedy Club

Find Chris's YouTube channel here


A playlist of additional live clips here.  

Edinburgh Fringe shows...
  • 2014 'Self-Sabotage' (with Phil Cooper)

  • 2015 'The Apocalypse Radio Show' (ensemble cast) and 'Secret Comedy' (with Frank Foucault)

  • 2016 'The Apocalypse Radio Show'

  • 2017 'Premature Emasculation' (solo)

  • 2018 'Chris Chopping's Lonely Hearts Club Band*' (solo) 

  • 2019 'The Artist Currently Known as Chris Chopping' (solo)


*Now a special on NextUp...



  • You Must Be Joking - Newbury Act of the Year; WINNER

  • Bedford New Act of The Year; WINNER

  • Funhouse Comedy Gong Show; WINNER

  • Welsh Unsigned Stand Up Award; Finalist

  • Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian of The Year; Finalist

  • Bath New Act of The Year; Finalist

  • Last Minute Comedy's New Act of The Year; Finalist

  • Comedy Gladiators; Grand Finalist

 "A great comedian who doesn't rely on easy material" -


"His writing is sharp as a tack, his delivery pinpoint accurate and his off-the-script banter is excellent. A Stand Up For Comedy favourite, we recently had an audience refuse to let him leave the stage!" -


"Wonderful" - Matt Rees

"Killer lines." - Plymouth Ho Ho Ho


"A likeable comic who delivers a slick funny set." - South Bristol Voice


"Particular praise must go to Chris Chopping who had everyone howling" - Redditch Standard


"With his intelligent and witty style, Chopping kept the laughs coming throughout the set." -


"Unique in his own style...a funny, engaging and all-round entertaining set."


"Kept the laughs coming thick and fast" -

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