Paul Savage


Having made his comedy debut in 2007 Paul is an established pro on the UK comedy scene. In his years on the circuit he has just about covered the entire country as well as making time for a tour of english-speaking venues in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. This year he will be taking his seventh solo hour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where previous shows have garnered both critical and audience approval.  Over the course of his career Paul has racked up an impressive list of accolades including a nomination for 'Best Full Length Debut Show' at the Leicester Festival, Juice Comedy club's 'Performer of the Year', the West Midlands Comedy Awards 'Most Improved Act' and the West Midlands Comedy Awards 'Best Joke'. Further to his obvious skills in stand-up comedy, Paul is also an accomplished cartoonist with three published collections to his name: “Contrived Setups To Niche Pop Culture References”, “Due To A Clerical Error In Reality” and his latest publication "But Doctor, I AM a collection of comic strips by Paul Savage".

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Reviews & Testimonials...

“Genuinely brilliant. Writes a good joke, draws a good cartoon: an all round hoot” - The Guardian

“An engaging and affable labour of love from a man determined to find comedy in the unlikeliest of places” Broadway Baby

 “Paul Savage was a revelation” - ABC (Australia)

“Impossible not to get swept up in the delightful mayhem” - Popculture-y (Australia)

“A world class comedian” - FunnyTonne Melbourne

 “Very probably a genius. Every single joke is on the offbeat”  - Christian Today

“We defy you not to beam during Savage's new show. Then sink into your seat and cringe a bit. Then beam some more" - ICHOOSEBIRMINGHAM

“One of those unique gems which is substantial in content, is built on potentially controversial subject matter and yet has a feel-good vibe” - WEEKEND NOTES (Australia)

"Armed with a razor-sharp wit, and serious pun-making abilities" - Adelaide Advertiser

Top 5 shows of the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019

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Live in Brighton 2019

Live at Hot Water Comedy Club 2020 

Edinburgh Fringe shows...
  • 2010 'Free Afternoon Delight'

  • 2013 'Paul Savage: Cheerful Shambles

  • 2014 'Paul Savage Finds Every Joke in the Bible'

  • 2015 'Paul Savage: Tired and Emotional'

  • 2016 'Paul Savage Finds All the Jokes in the Bible: The Second Coming' 

  • 2017 'Paul Savage is Set to Self Destruct'

  • 2018 AAA Stand-Up Late & 'Paul Savage: DoGooder'

  • 2019 'Paul Savage: Shame Spiral'

  • 2022 'Well Groomed'