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Kev Mud


In only a short amount of time, Kev Mud has been a finalist in British Comedian Of The Year, beating established acts by winning all of his heats on the way, performed his own scripts on TV alongside the likes of Josh Pugh, Ian Stone, and Sooz Kempner, performed everywhere from Glastonbury Festival to The Comedy Store, and been the subject of numerous articles in the comedy press.

Kev performs both stand up and spoken word, as he puts it 'both are funny, but one rhymes more than the other does', his material touches upon his varied life experiences such as; homelessness, addiction, mental health, death & religion.

Reviews & Testimonials...

“Delivers jokes with charm and wit … One to watch!” - Chortle 


“Honest, Charming, Humorous … A crowd pleaser” - British Comedy Guide

“Most original. Very exciting. One of the best new acts for 20 years.” - Spiky Mike (Funhouse Comedy Clubs)

"You made me laugh a lot. Very good." - Paul Foot

"You're great … So good!." - Dan Tiernan (BBC New Comedian of the Year)

"Well done. You absolutely smashed it." - Andy Stedman (British Comedian of the Year Founder)

"Original voice. Captivating and really funny. Exciting stuff." - Andrew White (Comedy Kerfuffle)

"He's good ... like very good. Book him. Book him! Book him!" - Graham Wilkes (Comedy HQ: Cornwall)

"You did really well!" - Mark Simmons (Mock the Week)

"That was funny. You're a funny guy." - Bobby Mair (Support for Doug Stanhope & Bill Burr)

"Very well put together set." - Stephen Carlin

"Very good, Very well done." - Noel James (BGT Finalist)

"Never seen such love from a crowd." - Daniel Fitzhenry (Fitz of Giggles: Exeter)

"He knows what he's doing doesn't he?!" - Danny Ward (BT Sports)

"Immediately likeable. There's not another Kev Mud." - Suzy Bennett (Funny Women Winner)

As seen on DIY Pundit: BT Sport

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Clip links

Twenty-minute clip, Dartmouth

Short clip of Kev at the comedy store

TV Clip for BT Sport DIY Pundit



  • Finalist, British Comedian of the Year

  • Finalist, Cornish Comedian of the Year

  • Liberty Award, Leicester Comedy Festival

  • Finalist, Bath New Act (honourable mention) 

For more info on all things Kev, check out his website:

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